Street music, free concerts and festivals

There is something about street music that gets me excited. Maybe it’s the spontaneity of the artist and the spectators. The energy seems almost palpable when music is played and heard in open space.

Last month’s trip to Europe in the summer was filled with an eclectic mix of street performers, a park concert and my first international music festival! Here are some of those cool buskers, bands and performers!

cellist at rijks

I was lucky to walk by these guys right outside Rijksmuseum. I instantly drooled over the cellist when he played a very familiar classical song. Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1.

silent concert

Found this crew in Museumplein, Amsterdam and, at first, thought they were just setting up since all I heard was muffled sounds. The guy seated later handed me his headphones, and asked if I wanted to listen. Electronica music was playing while she was singing and the other guy doing the bass.

silent concert2

When I closed my eyes, I felt like I was inside a club, dancing and jumping to the beat. Electronica music, best appreciated when amplified, couldn’t be played in the conventional way here in public, so she had to find a way- this ‘silent concert’.


vondelpark concert1

On a warm Sunday afternoon, I caught this local band playing some folk acoustic songs in Vondelpark, to a sizeable crowd of locals and tourists.

vondelpark crowd

amsterdam headspin

A family of Dutch guys had long spiel before the 60-second headspin!


While on the opposite side, some toned Brazilian guys showed off their capoeira stunts!

milan duomo fiddlers

Father and son fiddling away right outside the towering Duomo in Milan.

    milan fiddlers

berlin fiddler

Berliners taking it easy in Kreuzberg, with beer and some music for company.

prague fiddlers

Young Czechs play pop songs with three violins, a cello and cahun in the middle of the Charles Bridge in Prague.

san fermin drumbeaters

Who doesn’t love some drumbeating in the middle of a hot, hot day?! Even they are having fun!

san fermin gigantes band

At the start of the Gigantes y Cabezudos

san fermin gigantes band2

This traditional Parade of the Giants follows right after the running of the bulls.

san fermin horns at bullfight

Horns always turn up the energy, wherever

san fermin traditioanl band

Some classic Spanish folk songs


bbk live

The BBK Live in Bilbao on its 10th rockin’ year

bbk live5

Festival fans from all over Europe came for the 3day fest!


bbk local rock

Local Basque rock

bbk londonsouls2

One of a two-man band, London Souls, giving some solid classic rock.

bbk psychocandy2

After 15 years, The Jesus and Mary Chain, plays to a huge crowd, including our group of 30something rock fans.

bbk live4

I think we all had FUN that night!


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