Starting the Year Easy in Sydney

Welcoming the New Year in one of the first countries in the world to ring in 2017 seemed like a crazy plan but panned out to be a relaxed, memorable long weekend. The city of Sydney was brimming with revelers from all over on New Year’s weekend. The beaches were packed–Coogee, Bondi and Manly, and so were tourist strips, Darling Harbour and the Circular Quay. With the summer weather, everyone was happy to be out in the sun.

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First solo travel in 2003

Almost 12 years ago, I traveled on my own for the first time to Australia. Back then, there weren’t smartphones, no googlemaps, or facebook and instagram, no tripadvisor. I had just finished college three years before, and had been working in our family-run business. For the trip, I bought a big blue backpack and since I hadn’t really learned the art of packing light, also took my mom’s blue-green trolley. Not exactly a backpacker, but not the sleek traveler either. I brought my Canon digital camera, a clunky looking gadget by today’s standards, and a little notebook.  Since blogging was limited to known writers and personalities at that time, my hastily written journal was my only outlet.

17 Sept 03
11:45 AM  onboard Sydney to Singapore flight

I just finished watching a movie–Goodbye Lenin–a Deutsch film by Wolfgang Becker with cast lead by Daniel Bruhl. It’s a very moving story set in East Germany in 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell and capitalism took over socialist East Germany.  Continue reading